"We are an eclectic mix of people with one thing in common – a passion for quality and success by working on the most challenging briefs"

Who we are

Based in New Delhi, Pixels art studio is a widely acclaimed company, delivering qualitative, value-driven and well-timed Digital Imaging services across the globe. Operational since 2013 with a collection of imaging experts, the company has won laurels for incorporating the best methodologies into its workflow, and rendering Image Retouching services that surpass the expected standards.

What we do

We have been hailed as one of the top-tier Photo Retouching Service Providers in the world, supplying its tremendous expertise to more than 20 nations, and catering to myriad industry needs that include E-Commerce, Photography, Media & Publication and Stock Photo. Handling high volumes maintaining the highest standards within the deadlines is our motto, thus far we are successfully processing close to 40,000 images a month.

Why we do it

We have a well-defined aim of delivering products of superior distinction to our clientele, and transcending the borders of the ordinary to something exceptional and attention-grabbing. It’s all because of our highly committed team of experts that we don’t flinch from working on challenging briefs, and come out successfully in our creative endeavors

Our Standards

Photo editing services are the process to enhance image quality and make it more.

Domain Experience

We have an experience of over 7 years working magic on images of our clients from all over the world.

Specialist Team

A team of over 150 highly skilled editors who live, breathe and eat images for a living who bring us huge experience and tremendous skill which gives us a huge edge over our competition.

Great Work. Every Time

We live by this motto and take great pride in our consistency, quality and on time delivery standards. We do this by following strict hiring and Quality checks at our organization.

A Cut-Above Our Competitors

Our strict standards keep us a cut above our competitors, we know this because we have a 100% retention rate of our clients for years and we do get a lot of positive word of mouth which gets us tons of references all the time.

Highly Competitive Rates

We are experienced enough to know that we have to adapt to changing patterns of our industry. Pricing is certainly a key factor in acquisition and retention of clients and we do our best to provide best available pricing options for the clients.

Scalable Work Operations

It's very important to scale our services especially when it comes to projects high volume of images to achieve a deadline. Our experienced recruitment team ensures we are able to scale our team size in a very short time period and the training teams get the new resources up to speed in a very quick time.

Use of Advanced, Cutting-Edge Software

We are always up to date with the software's and plug-in's going around in the industry. Also, the software's used by us are original, we don't believe in piracy.

Project Manager Assigned to Each Project

There is always a project manager assigned to every project as a POC, this ensures communication and transparency any time its needed by the client. Over the years we have come to know that this is something everyone loves about us. No Radio Silence.
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